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Tree Service and Arborist

Island Garden and Tree LLC Provides Experienced Quality Tree Services

When you need a trusted tree service and arborist in Trenton, ME, count on Island Garden and Tree LLC. Our skilled team of arborists and technicians offer quality care and preservation of trees, providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure the vitality and safety of your trees. Whether you need tree pruning, tree removal, or expert advice on tree care, we have the knowledge and experience to meet all your tree service needs.

No matter how big or small your trees are our skilled arborists are ready to take care of them. Whether they need pruning or trimmed, we have the tools needed for the job. Give us a call today at (207) 266-3323 or contact us for an appointment and a free estimate.

Quality Tree Service for Large and Small Trees

Proper tree care is essential for the long-term health and growth of your trees. Island Garden and Tree LLC’s expert arborists are highly trained in the art and science of tree care. We offer professional tree pruning services to remove dead or diseased branches. It also improves tree structure, enhances air movement, and promotes healthy growth. Our team follows industry best practices and employs specialized techniques. These practices ensure minimal impact on your trees while maximizing their overall health and aesthetics. Our arborists are also ready to help offer excavator services and lot clearing.

Offering Hazardous Tree Removal from Your Land

Trees can become hazardous, diseased, or pose a threat to your property. Our tree removal services can provide a safe and effective solution including cabling. Trust our skilled technicians and our state-of-the-art equipment. We follow strict safety protocols to ensure the safe and efficient removal of trees of any size or complexity. Our arborists prioritize the protection of your property and surrounding landscape. We know how to handle tree removals in even the most challenging environments.

Ready to Serve When Emergencies Strike

Severe storms and other unforeseen circumstances can cause damage to your trees. That poses risks to your property and safety. Island Garden and Tree LLC offers emergency tree services to address urgent tree-related issues promptly. Our team is available 24/7 to handle storm damage, fallen trees, and other emergencies. We provide immediate response and professional solutions to mitigate further damage and ensure your safety.

As experienced arborists, we understand the importance of proactive tree care. Our tree assessments will provide you with a wide array of details. We assess tree health, identify potential issues, and develop personalized care plans to optimize the health of your trees. From tree planting recommendations to disease management strategies, lot clearing, removing debris and excavator services, count on us.

Hire Island Garden and Tree LLC in Trenton, ME, for a quality arborist and tree service.