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Island Garden and Tree LLC Provides Experienced Quality Tree Services

When you need a trusted tree service and arborist in Trenton, ME, count on Island Garden and Tree LLC. Our skilled craftsmen combine their expertise with high-quality materials to create stunning hardscape features. These projects help enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property. Whether you are looking to add a stone pathway, a retaining wall, or a stone fireplace, we have the skills. Our skilled contractors offer a wide range of stonework services to bring your vision to life.

Our contractors take pride in our great attention to detail so you get everything how you need it. We use quality products that are certain to help your property shine. Reach out to us today to discuss your vision today. Give us a call at (207) 266-3323 or contact us to schedule your appointment.

Installing a Wide Variety of Stonework for Your Property

Our experienced craftsmen have the knowledge and skills to ensure that every stone is carefully placed and securely fitted. We use industry-leading techniques and tools to create sturdy and durable stonework. These jobs have features that can withstand the test of time and the elements. Whether it is a decorative stone wall, a functional patio, or an eye-catching water feature, we can deliver.

Trusted Snow Removal at Home and Work

Island Green and Tree LLC understands the challenges that winter weather can bring. Our snow removal experts have the right tools and expertise to keep your property safe and accessible. From clearing driveways and walkways to managing parking lots and commercial spaces, we offer efficient and thorough snow removal services. This work ensures the smooth operation of your residential or commercial property. Let us help you with removing snow.

Giving Great Attention to Every Detail of Your Project

Island Garden and Tree LLC believes that stonework is not just about construction. It is about creating a work of art that reflects your style and complements your landscape. Our talented designers work closely with you to understand your preferences and incorporate them into the stonework design. Do you prefer the rustic charm of natural stones or the sleek elegance of cut stones? We can create a custom design that perfectly suits your taste and enhances the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

Let us help you build these items so you can improve your property value. Our skilled contractors use trusted materials that build durable features in a safe and timely manner. We can build up a wide array of projects that complement your home for an affordable price. Let us help you make your stonework vision a reality today with our attention to detail and quality service.

Trust Island Garden and Tree LLC in Trenton, ME, for quality stonework.